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Playlist for the Planet - Summer Vibrations

Exceptionally, we let our Spanish member of the team take over.

Attention temperate climate dwellers: find some grass, pop open those sustainable Radlers, and let Plan A  take you on a sonic journey through time and space, because the summer is here in full swing. Exceptionally, we let our Spanish member of the team take over because she does hot-weather music like no one else.You heard it here first:

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(mic. drop)

The days and nights spent indoors under layers of clothing are a distant memory (and a recurring nightmare). Now is the time to cautiously close those Netflix windows and turn our attention to the far brighter wonders going on in the outside world. Mother Earth has opened her arms, the birds are singing, and it's really, really hot.So people here hit the parks (we helped clean one of them in July), the lakes and their local späti (corner shop) to cool off their body and soul.One constant remains. The music is still here, there, left, right and centre. Plan A has been crafting playlists, reaching to all cultures, all moods but only good vibes.


"We’re far too busy for this." This is what you'd hear from a lot of people and companies. Maybe, what we actually are lacking is not time but motivation. Having the time and taking the time are two different things. We believe that people should feel good about their sustainable transition. People should feel that they have a community of people around them. Because they do. Every effort to make a positive change, no matter how small, is a step in the right direction. It's time to give the space they deserve to the good guys. A key part of Plan A’s mission is to engage and educate young and not-so-young people towards action. Climate action is cool. Cooler than most other activities actually.So, we politely request you to kick back and chill your way through this precious summer whilst being transported around the world one song at a time. Take a moment on this journey to remember that our planet and its ecosystems are fragile and that now more than ever it’s down to us, the people on this Earth at this pivotal moment, to care, cater and heal our planet. If we can work this consciousness into the fabric of everyday life, we will have made serious progress.

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The same way that our beautiful world inspires some of our best art and music, Plan A want music to inspire Homo sapiens to remember how cosmically lucky we are to have this wonderful lump of rock, sea, soil and forest beneath our feet. Tune in to positive change.Let's make serious progress.

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