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Playlist for the Planet - Hip Hop Loves Nature

Playlist for the Planet - Hip Hop Loves Nature

Microphone Soloists for a futurist planet.

Progressive, inclusive, political and barrier-breaking... All defining features of Hip-Hop culture and its music. The inception of this music style is unclear. Some even say it was born in 1973 at a birthday party in the Bronx on 1520 Sedgwick Avenue. Others argue that it was from the fast-paced crooners that this radical style evolved.  One thing is certain, Hip-Hop gets its beats from jazz, soul, classical and even modern electronic. Its roots run deep and wide, and it has created a beautiful tree that itself has expanded its broad foliage, grew new branches and dropped new seeds.

This Hip-Hop for the Planet playlist takes us back to the "golden days", featuring hits by the likes of Rakim, Mos Def or Jeru the Damaja. Arguably, Hip-Hop has become the most powerful artistic trends in the 21st century so far. When a musical style makes its entrance in Hollywood movie scores, it is making it to mainstream status.

Quentin Tarantino himself asked Rick Ross compose the song 100,000 Coffins and let 2Pac (feat. James Brown) preside over the final shootout. The overhead presence of rap in this movie rang like a consecration of the genre. Hip-hop had finally earned its stripes in the face of the world. This took 30 years.  Hip-Hop is often downplayed as a political outlet. MF Doom and Mos Def have provided the words to describe the strifes and struggles of the tough neighbourhoods and their inhabitants. Hip-Hop culture gave a voice and an aesthetics to millions of disenfranchised people to be proud of something that was outside of the established world of acceptability. Now it's everywhere. Long live cultural exchanges, marginal ideas that become central, social progress and good music for all.  In line with each of the pillars of Hip-Hop, our goal is to change our society for the cultural, economic and civic benefit of the majority of people on this Earth. In order to see the next episode...

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