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Playlist for the Planet - Humpback to School

Make a splash for your first day back.

It’s September, we know. Hopefully, though,  you’re back to work with a healthy tan, charged up batteries and a broad smile on your face. Since it is harder to wake up with an alarm than with toes in the sand, we prepared for you our #playlistfortheplanet for the month of September. This playlist is an eclectic one. From the sounds of Chaka Khan to the forgotten beatmaker of C.R.E.A.M. there is some fine tunes for everybody on this planet. Notice too the little bits of groove that have been added by the young groovers Leon Vynehall, Yussef Kamaal (Kendrick’s saxophonist, among other gigs) and the Frenchies of Palatine.

Why? The equation is simple. We need everybody grooving to the same tune. This climate change problem is no different. What’s a better starting point than some songs validated and stamped by yours truly? Follow us on Spotify (user:planaearth) to get your monthly playlist of the best of music old and new. Each month, one of our in-house planetary hero shares some of their best tunes according to their mood, what the planet is up to, and of course what’s hot on the scene.

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Enjoy, keep cool, and join the growing numbers who care about the planet, one way or another.

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