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Playlist for the Planet - Cool and Cosy in October

When it hits you feel no pain.

What is nicer than waking up on a Sunday and hear the rain battering the windows, then deciding to cancel the day altogether? Not many things. In preparation for shorter days, longer nights, and nicer evenings spent with wine and books, we decided to compose a chillout playlist, ranging from the Rat Pack to the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. You won't be forgotten. Noone will. Not even the endangered pig-nosed purple frog. It likes Mika.We speak of rain, Autumn and other sad things but so far in Europe, no such thing has happened. Berlin, Paris and other cities across the continent are enjoying prolonged warm temperatures whilst the Southern French city of Carcassonne experienced the equivalent of 4 months of rain in less than 24 hours. These disparities are becoming more extreme, and more frequent. The water cycle is going crazy, and it's largely because of our works in the fields of pollution, land-use change and unadapted practices.#PlaylistforthePlanet: Cool and Cosy in October

We kind of did this to ourselves. Teamwork and skilful engineering were what got us in this complex mess in the first place. So it can take us out of it too. Send this playlist to your neighbour. Or invite him over to share a meal over it. Be the conversation starter, build something with your community. Submit your project on Plan A's form to start your funding campaign. You may not know it yet, but you're way more of a good guy or gal than you know.

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