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Planetary Hero #4 Tom Kerby

The Sultan of Sponsorships.

Tom Kerby is Plan A’s man in the CBD. As the head of partnerships & events in plan A, he is in charge of getting companies – big, small, wide and skinny – on board the climate action express. This is a true nature lover we’re talking about. So much so he gave himself the mission to save it wholesomely, with the participation of everybody on this planet. That includes you. And he’ll get you too.

A British youth

He’s still got that kind of hair.

What is climate change to you? How does it affect you? How to stop it?

Climate change is some humans really pushing their luck. It will be interesting to see how bad it has to get before real action is taken. I am very fortunate to live in Germany and the UK, where I am relatively safe from the changes on the way, but this is not the case for vast amounts of people. Extinction of flora and fauna around the world is tragic, but we are also going to see unprecedented humanitarian crises that will challenge us like never before. Global leaders and governments have the responsibility to put systems in place to slow global warming, and it must be an international effort with sanctions strong enough to ensure that everybody is involved, even if their respective ruling party insists on keeping their heads in the sand.

For everybody else, we need to talk more about how bad this threat is and insist that our leaders take action. Widespread engagement with the issue will leave leaders and businesses with less room to hide away from it.

Where do you get your environmental fibre from? How did it all begin?

TOm Kerby Nepal
Tom loves the mountain, and the mountain loves Tom.

I have always been happiest out and about in nature. I don’t really care if it’s a walk on a grey and wet day in Wales or some amazing trip to a mountain range – being outside is the main thing. For this (quite selfish) reason, I want as much of the planet to remain intact as possible so that I – and everybody else – can enjoy it. When it comes to the bigger picture, it’s increasingly difficult to turn a blind eye to the nightmarish predictions about where we are heading. Disaster movie scenarios are moving from the screen into the real world, and the scientific community knows how bad it can get. I find it impossible to ignore this stuff.

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What is your totem animal (can be a plant too)? Why?

There is an animal called a tardigrade which is a crazy little thing. You need a microscope to see it, but it can survive extreme conditions like nothing else on Earth. They have been found (alive and well) at the top of the Himalayas, in hot springs, under huge amounts of ice, and in deep ocean beds. Some of them can live at -272°C, and others at +150. They are the first known animal to survive in outer space – in the vacuum and with all the horrible radiation flying around. If I could share a little part with some animal, maybe a tardigrade is a good bet. Problem is that they can’t fly – so maybe I would go for an eagle instead.

Cheering for Park cleanups

It’s him at the back.

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