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Planetary Hero: Meet Ingrid, Frontend Developer at Plan A

Saving sea turtles while coding, while living in Berlin.

Meet Ingrid, our new Frontend Developer! ⁠

Ingrid, Frontend developer

Ingrid comes from France and she joined Plan A because she wanted to combine her job with her sustainable values and contribute actively to fighting climate change. ⁠

In 2014, Ingrid spent 3 months of volunteering in Malaysia for the Juara Turtle Project to protect the sea turtles from the harm of tourism.

Ingrid with Joe, a blind sea turtle, rescued by Juara Turtle Project.
(Credit: Ingrid Jacquet)

This experience unveiled her sustainable mindset, triggered her interest in reducing her impact on planet Earth (and beyond?). If you look closely you can see it’s even painted on her skin forever! ⁠

We asked her for a sustainable tip to share. As a web developer, she recommends being aware of our ⁠digital impact, like digital pollution. Switch off your internet router during the night or when you are not at home and keep your inbox clean! ⁠It may not seem like much but multiplied by the number of houses and mailboxes, this can have a real impact.

She keeps asking everybody if they’ve watched “Before the flood“, the environmental documentary produced by Leonardo DiCaprio. “He shows the big picture and the complexity of the problem”, she says. ⁠

Before the Flood, presented by National Geographic, featuring Leonardo DiCaprio.

She couldn’t escape either Plan A’s very own top 5. Here are her *creative* answers!

  1. What’s your favourite animal?
    Sea turtles obviously!
  2. All-time favourite ice cream flavour you’re afraid is at risk from climate change.
  3. The Ultimate Question, what is your equation of happiness?
    A Good Sleep + Food + Family and/or Friends = Happiness
  4. What kind of weird stuff do you do in the name of sustainability?
    Re-using the same greaseproof paper each time I cook stuff in the oven (and we can despite this habit she is cooking delicious vegan food!)
  5. Name a crazy innovation that is going to save the world
    A helmet that brainwashes climate criminals so that they would use their money to fix the crimes they did and to prevent them from doing more.

Welcome to the team Ingrid! No plan B for the Planet!

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