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Since day one, our focus has been on facilitating rapid and massive change within companies using available data. Discover our impact so far and our vision to complete our economy's sustainable transition.

Our impact in figures



carbon under management

We have come some way since our beginning in Berlin. We are proud to have built a dependable, mission-driven and ambitious team. We are bound together by a common goal of changing the way we run business.


community of scientists, business leaders, investors, individuals

We have developed a network of best practice made of sustainability experts, proactive employees and employers and dynamic organisations that define change every single day. Together we are building an ecosystem of decarbonisation.


Euros transfered

In the last 5 years, we have supported more than 160 organisations that act on ecosystem health, biodiversity, carbon reduction, renewable energies, and other key challenges climate change has brought about.


solutions to decarbonise the economy

We know that we need a multitude of solutions to solve this complex problem. This is why we are building an ecosystem of products and services to support decarbonisation in any company, for any vertical to implement change on a large scale.

Our timeline

Plan A graphic projection
The beginnings
Plan A was born in the Spring of 2017 with a single goal: Prevent the worst of the climate crisis while time still remains on the clock. After researching the problems, solutions and work ahead, it became clear to us that using data to orient and focus the sustainable transition was the space where rapid change could happen.

Our journey started, like many, with awareness and a lot of data.
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Bringing in corporate impact
Using data to predict where and how climate change would hit the hardest, and combining this to projects addressing these topics in the right locations, we implemented several fundraising campaigns for reforestation, river protection, biodiversity, local waste management and more in more than 100 countries.

We rapidly gauged the interest and potential of the private sector to accelerate the sustainable transition. Transforming the private sector is where change could happen fast enough to meet the scientific targets set by the Paris Agreement..
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Automation & calculation
To act successfully, companies need tools that leverage tech to measure, reduce and track their emissions over time. In 2020, we released our tool to do exactly that: leveraging our data and sustainability expertise to allow companies to calculate their carbon footprint and generate a tailored action plan that would match their ambitions and build a path for decarbonisation. The Plan A Carbon Manager was born.

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Transforming the greentech space
With looming governmental regulations and ESG reporting fast becoming mandatory, we are developing our product quicker than ever to help companies meet scientific targets, balance people, planet and profit relying on an ecosystem of professionals.
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& beyond...
Our goal is still unchanged: do everything to stop the worst effects of climate change and transform this dire situation into a winning one for our planet, humans, other living beings and by extension, our livelihoods. Join us on the journey!
We are on a mission to change the way companies look at sustainability. Businesses can ride the sustainable changes to build better performing and more successful organisations using the data available at hand.
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