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This is how to check the sustainability of your company

Get your business footprint under control.

You already know that the Plan A Academy provides you with the latest essential information on corporate climate action. So, what about your business specifically? The new Plan A 'Carbon Manager' software is here to let you check the sustainability of your company. The tool guides your journey to reduction- from first understanding the size of the remaining work, to the first actions in reducing your footprint.

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Everything required to manage your carbon footprint- now in the one place.

Plan A has developed the first Carbon Manager Software which allows businesses to measure, monitor and reduce their carbon footprint.

Our carbon footprint software enables your company to reduce its CO₂ emissions, creating immediate benefits like the reduction of costs, increased employee engagement and higher customer satisfaction. We follow a circular approach to business sustainability.

Measure: You cannot measure what you cannot manage. Gaining a visual understanding of your emissions is how to best check the sustainability of your company. We've designed a compelling emissions dashboard, you're going to love it.

Reduce: Our software offers tailored climate action plans to reduce your carbon footprint and reach your carbon targets. We engage with each key stakeholder of your company to take action for a greener future. With our support, any company can reach its Paris Agreement target.

Engage - Create a sustainability culture: Peakon’s recent study found out that over the past year, employee discussion on environmental topics rose by 52%. On a bigger scale, a new Ipsos poll conducted in 14 countries finds that 71% of adults globally agree that climate change is as severe as Covid-19 is.

Report: We support companies in reporting their sustainable achievements in compliance with existing and upcoming regulations. With our dashboard, get all the numbers and visuals you need to conceal the perfect sustainability report. Showcase your achievements in becoming carbon-neutral, thanks to our tailored action plans.

Plan A software based carbon management and ESG Performance, reducing carbon footprint.
Take control over your corporate's carbon footprint.

The technology behind our software provides your company with the most efficient and accurate path to sustainability. Now, you may wonder, how do we do this?

A scientific approach to carbon emissions measurements

  • We believe that science is the key to successful sustainability. Our technology uses 300,000 data points to ensure a high level of accuracy and reliability in emissions measurements. With the help of these insights, companies can actually understand what their emissions mean and take effective action that matches their roadmap and ethos.
  • We use internationally recognised methodological frameworks. These are based on ISO 14000 and derived from the GHG protocol by WRI (the most regarded standard for carbon footprint).
  • From science to action: We believe that carbon reduction is primordial for a sustainable future. Our software generates tailored sustainability action plans to reduce your company’s carbon footprint. These plans help companies reduce their carbon footprint up to 30% within a year. Our action plans engage stakeholders, such as clients and employees, and tangibly transforms the company into a more sustainable one.

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  • Measurable Impact: We work directly with our project partners to ensure that impact reporting is embedded in the sustainability journey of our clients. We established a carbon offsetting scheme funds, composed of Gold Standard certified community-driven projects that respond to the UN Sustainable Development goals. We believe in fair pricing for carbon offsets and host projects that have been approved by Fairtrade. Our projects ensure that offsetting contributes to better living conditions for communities that are vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.
  • Collaboration: We believe that carbon reduction is key to making companies future-proof. We have built a technology that can provide businesses with adapted sustainability action plans, that aim to reduce their CO₂ emissions.

Start making tracks on your sustainable journey

The point is not to spend big money and endless time when you could save internal and external costs achieving the same targets. Whether a CEO or a green champion, the Plan A Carbon Manager is here to let you check the sustainability of your company and offer actionable insights.

Companies have an incredible opportunity to influence large scale change, and this should be harnessed to build a better and more sustainable future, for all. Are you ready to write your own sustainable story? Get in touch with Plan A and start measuring, monitoring and reducing your carbon emissions. There is no plan B for our planet.

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