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Happy World Environment Day!

We think there should be 365.

When trying to find a fun hyperbole, I understood there was no overstating the importance of nature. Where to begin?

All you drink, eat, use, breathe comes from nature and everything you reject goes to nature. Ultimately, we’re in a fishbowl. We’re bound to notice it. The World Environment Day is a day for noticing and doing.

The UN made it official in 1972, the first one was held on 1974. Every 5th of June, millions of people gather around the planet to contribute to preserving the environment. Pro-activeness is the keystone of the edifice. We’re all actors of climate change, but you can choose your role in this play.

There are countless ways, big and small, to contribute to the ecological transition. Choose your weapon. Of course, we would recommend, which is currently fundraising for the planting of 100,000 trees.

It’s a good day to plant a tree, wouldn’t you say?

The 8 causes of Plan A
The 8 causes of Plan A

This year’s theme is “connecting people to nature”. Lucky for us it’s Plan A’s job to be the link between the planet and its supporters. WED is for all the living things. Algaes and termites can come too. There is space for everyone on this planet. We just have to organise a bit better.

Connecting with nature has to do with connecting with ourselves: what cause do you feel most sensible about? What are your totem animals? Your favorite smells and setting? Studies are showing the benefits of living a life closer to nature: stress relief, better awareness and concentration, better sight, confidence boost, energy boost. Tremendous boosting people, making you understand the almighty powers you always had but had kind of forgotten about.

By the way, the UN officially encourages you to take your shoes off, go to the park, jump in puddles and run after butterflies. It’s all true. Everyone needs to get involved into going back to being a kid once and for all. And not just on June 5th. Don’t make it a new year’s resolution because you’re going to drop it. Make it a pleasure. Treat yourself to Nature today!

Root for the trees!

Leafy wave,

The Plan A Team

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