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Release: The Plan A Carbon Reduction Software for Companies

Measure. Monitor. Reduce. Repeat.

Big news! Today Plan A is announcing the launch of our new product: the Carbon Reduction Software. Our team has been working hard these past months to develop a software for companies to calculate, monitor and reduce their carbon footprint. We hope you can help us take this excitement one step further! Go to to see what it’s all about!

Why are we focusing on businesses? For the 2 years that Plan A has existed, we have seen many companies of all sizes struggle to integrate sustainability seamlessly in their company. In parallel, ever more employees and management teams expressed the need for support in their actions to transform their employers’ businesses from within. We decided to help with this as we identified huge potential for change.

  • Easy carbon emission calculations updated monthly to track closely emissions reduction and sustainability progress.
  • Automatically generated customised action plans adapted to their needs and workforce to integrate sustainability seamlessly.
  • A network of certified partner organisations working on the most effective sustainability solutions across all continents to support financially and operationally.
Carbon reduction and offsetting for companies

Get early access to our carbon reduction software for companies or recommend us to businesses you know! (Credit: Plan A)

What can you do to push the Plan A message? Three simple steps will help us tremendously to get the word out.

Share the news! Tell your networks that you know a dope, award-winning, positive company helping individuals and companies on their journey to sustainability. We count on your voice to push us to the planetary heroes in your team!

Connect us to companies! Recommend us to companies that you like and use and send them over our presentation. We want to work with the people that you trust and would recommend.  We have already asked you to recommend in the past, and now is more critical than ever!

Add some of these visuals to your profile! We’ve created cover pictures for you to show your support to your favourite theme of climate action! You help infinitely by showing your colours. Did you know we also have a an entire Giphy directory to “Plan A up” your stories and instant messages? All this is for you to have fun and get creative!

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