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The Black Friday revolution: #PlanetNotForSale

Because buying a pair of sneakers will not stop climate change.

Dear shoppers from all around the world, we have a huge announcement to make. In line with the Make 2021 count movement and to celebrate Black Friday, we are joining Coya for the #planetnotforsale action. Throughout this shopping season, we are aiming to take responsibility for our actions on the planet. Take your phone and join the revolution!

Why is Black Friday unsustainable?

Black Friday is not sustainable - Credit: Jon Cellier
Buying a pair of sneakers is not going to stop climate change.
Credit: Jon Cellier

We all get in a frenzy around Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas discounts and winter sales. Brands are pressing us to buy, over some "good deals". What about this lovely toaster for only $10,99? But let's be honest with each other, buying the latest pair of sneakers will not stop climate change. This hectic period is actually contributing to climate change, as it is resumed by global overconsumption.

Enjoying sales season is not forbidden. However, before buying ask yourself if you really need it !

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Black Friday has a negative environmental impact

Rozalina Burkova is an illustrator, visual artist and animator who works with images and words both digitally and physically
Credit: Rozalina Burkova

To understand the scope of this issue, here are some data points. According to the United Nations:


Planet not for sale - Black Friday
The #PlanetNotForSale movement starts today!
(Credit: Scarlett O'Toole)

This Black Friday, be part of #planetnotforsale! Our collective action (or inaction) can make a difference. We would like you to participate in this movement by photographing yourself, doing something else than browsing Amazon or battling in retail stores. Instead of shopping this weekend:

  1. Recycle and Reuse.

Get creative and find new uses for the stuff you already have. With a little love and a fresh look (and maybe a bit of help from Pinterest), items around your house can be repurposed as gifts (for others or yourself). 

  1. Regift.

It’s not just for people looking to save! Re-gift items that are important to you - like a book or picture frame. This type of present may be more meaningful for the recipient.

  1. Buy nothing. Do something (else) for Black Friday.

Go for a walk. Cook a new recipe. Host a virtual get-together. These activities can be as fun and as exciting as something new. They also make for great memories and gifts.

  1. Share. 

Encourage your friends and family to be green(er) this Black Friday. Take a picture of yourself being sustainable. Share it on social media with #planetnotforsale to tell others. Do not forget to tag us and @coya.

Make 2021 count by joining the #PlanetNotForSale movement!

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